How Dungeons and Dragons is endorsing the darkest parts of the RPG community


Note: The people named in this article have a history of harassing their critics. As such I have chosen to keep my sources and any traceable information they have given me anonymous to protect them.

Three weeks ago the 5th edition of Dungeons and Dragons came out. D&D is the iconic tabletop role playing game, so a new edition is a big deal. It’s one of the few times that the small, insular pen and paper community gets noticed by the rest of the world. Many game websites have talked about it, notably Polygon’s piece on gender inclusive language. Yet at the same time as D&D tries to appeal to those outside the gender binary, it has been driving them away by employing two of the most toxic personalities in tabletop gaming.

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scottfoss I have a question for you, if you don’t mind -

Why would you want people who follow her to stop following you? I follow people who agree with Pleb and people who disagree with Pleb because I like seeing multiple sides of an argument. I also follow people who I don’t agree with on any topic for the same reason.

Sometimes it’s nice to see the other side of an argument even if you dislike it.

I know I don’t know you, so you can ignore this if you want and I really won’t give a damn, but if people who you disagree with so much start following you wouldn’t you want to take that as a chance to show people why exactly you think Pleb is such a bad person (or why her ideals are wrong)? Isn’t it a chance to educate?

I’m probably completely missing the point. Sorry if I am. I just don’t get the idea behind telling people they can and cannot follow you. Seems sort of asinine. 

Do I look like a teacher to you? Is it my job to teach anyone? Am I now obligated to put up with assholes I don’t want to associate with? Is their ignorance now suddenly my burden? Is trying to be on tumblr without being bogged down by assholes clinging to my ankles supposed to be my job now? Do I need a reason for why I don’t want people I don’t like to be near me

They want to get educated? Step one: stop tolerating nonsense.

Abbysucks is the Ayn Rand of Tumblr socio-political comics. Things suck logically because SHE thinks they do and everything she thinks is justified and good. She routinely glosses over the reality that people live in because they aren’t “objective” (objective = involving her and people like her). She’s very interested in building a cult of some kind to her own “awesomeness” and is generally a misanthrope of the worst variety.

She’s a hipster cavorting as a “reasoned individual”. She’s built a small empire on tearing things down without constructive criticism and THAT ALONE -

People who ascribe to that kind of critique SHOULD be avoided. Pointing to something and pointing out how that sucks, does not make one cool, edgy, or wise. It makes them opinionated.

And I don’t mean a person who has opinions, I mean a person whose entire IDENTITY is tied to BEING Opinionated.

If Abby targeted her little barbs at people wearing certain clothing styles we’d call her a nasty bitch for tearing people down. Everyone would see right through her game of being controversial and she’d be branded a lightweight Joan Rivers or Kathy Griffin. However, Abby likes to cloak her Queen Bee rake-downs underneath social issues so that people will think she’s being SO topical.

Or she uses current trends to make herself more popular even as she degrades them. Recently she went on a tear about Adventure Time and Bee and Puppycat’s artstyles. Meanwhile, she’s drawing IN those artstyles to show how “talented” she is but also showing us her confidence and her take-it-or-leave-it  devil-may-care attitude which some people spellbound by. “Oh she’s such a talented genius rebel”

With plebcomics she clings to strawmen like - “Aren’t THEY just ALL like this?! har har har” meanwhile they conflate a number of issues, drop the mic, and then walk off.

So again, yeah. She’s Ayn Rand. She hates Tumblr but she’ll never leave, just as Ayn hated government assistance and “takers” but couldn’t wait become a “taker” herself. She’ll use the things so loathes to boost up her own self confidence. She’ll continue to contradict herself and ignore all of those contradictions because she’s “perf”

ad hominems, ad hominems everywhere

the fact that the lot of yall have a good chunk of the users who reblogged this post blocked speaks volumes: you’re more interested in having a circlejerk that may as well be the equivalent of a girls high school bathroom than you are having actual discussions about any of the issues you’re quick to get haughty about, but are unwilling to to actually argue from a factual or seasoned standpoint. in fact, scottfoss’s response “i don’t have to educate you” is the very same lazy but pious attitude the lot of you who come at me all arms and indignation have: you wanna be mad, victimized, and oppressed so bad so that you can throw your tantrum, play control-freak, and not be challenged on your infantile behavior.

in short yall are fuckin babbys. fukken come at me when you want to have an actual debate/discussion, nubs